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Hello Blogosphere

To introduce myself, I am Basil Sylvester Pinto, a young at heart individual from a tiny speck of a land in India called Goa. I profess as a journalist with an English daily here, but social media acquaints me better as a photographer, more so in fashion. It is not that I have not dabbled in freelance photography, but it is does not provide butter to my loaves of bread.

I have evinced a great interest in high altitude trekking in the Himalayas and mid May I will be embarking on my fifth Himalayan trekking expedition.

This blog  will be a forum  to express my thoughts on any issue that may pique my interest.  It will  act an outlet to channelize my various hues of emotions that my moody persona warps itself into.  I will also share my experiences of my travels and adventures from time to time. 

I will also write on events I attend, review books I read apart from sharing my works in photography.